‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 6 (2017-03-14)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @3.9%
Episode 2@4.9%
Episode 3 @5.1%
Episode 4 @4.9%
Episode 5 @3.5%
Episode 6 @4.7%

Aghast that Eun Hee had known all along about her previous relationship with Kyung Woo and yet had purposely persuaded her to move in, Jae Bok leaves with the kids. Jung Hee is dismayed but still hopeful that Jae Bok can reconsider the divorce.

Wonder what is Eun Hee’s intention towards Jung Hee as she seems to be trying to get close to him.
Could it be that she wants to seduce him to get back at Jae Bok in return for her previous relationship with Kyung Woo? If so, the reasoning seems a bit warped but then she is weird anyway.
Eun Hee’s plea to Jae Bok to reconsider her decision to move out borders on an obsession.
Can’t help thinking though that perhaps her real intention is to get at both Jung Hee and the kids.
Going to the extent of getting injured just to get Jae Bok to stay on borders on insanity. It seems to work though as Jae Bok feels bad about the accident and decides to move back in. I thought she should have known better and trusted her instincts.

I find this scene rather symbolic of Eun Hee’s intention towards Jung Hee. Turning his shoes in the opposite direction gives me the feeling that she wants to create disharmony in their family.
While attending Jin Wook’s concert performance, Jae Bok reminisces on the past and wonders where is the Jung Hee she had fallen in love with back then.

Jung Hee gets a singing job in some club but gets harassed by the customers.

Feeling sick after the forced drinking but reprimanded by Jae Bok for not turning up for Jin Wook’s concert.

Thoughts of his family and Jae Bok’s reprimand must have made him feel like a hopeless dad and husband.
This scene really got to me and made me tear up as I could feel his loneliness and the hurt in his eyes. At this very moment, my earlier disappointment in Jung Hee no longer matter and I am totally here with him.

Jin Wook accuses his mum of lying to him that they were not going to divorce. He had always felt that his mum is too controlling towards himself and his dad, perhaps that’s why he’s rather rebellious and is drawn towards Eun Hee who indulges him. 

Though Jung Hee does not try to deny that mum and dad is going through a rough patch, he tries to reassure Jin Wook and to let him know their problem is not mum’s fault.

Perhaps this is how it feels to never forget the presence of another woman in a man’s heart

A confusing ending when Jae Bok and Kyung Woo finally meet. Since Eun Hee did not deny that they had divorced a few years ago, why does she still call out to him as ‘hubby’?

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One Response to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 6 (2017-03-14)

  1. Nancy Ho says:

    Exactly..looks like he still lives in Eun Hee’s house.. or not?

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