‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 7 (2017-03-20)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @3.9%
Episode 2@4.9%
Episode 3 @5.1%
Episode 4 @4.9%
Episode 5 @3.5%
Episode 6 @4.7%
Episode 7 @3.5% 
An unexpected twist in this episode reveals Eun Hee as an ardent fan of Jung Hee during his rock band days and her jealousy towards Jae Bok even back then. Even Kyung Woo is taking part in her deliberate ploy to sow seeds of doubt in Jung Hee’s heart but why does Eun Hee has such a hold over those in her household ….. that weird house assistant (her mum?) and former husband? There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding her which has yet to be revealed. Who is she really?

The inane remark about Jin Wook’s resemblance to Kyung Woo makes Jae Bok uncomfortable.
Kyung Woo’s meeting with Jae Bok again must have pricked at his conscience as he no longer wants to continue with Eun Hee’s deceit. He seems to be in it for the money though, perhaps to settle his debts?
While out on an assignment with Jae Bok, Bong Gu chances upon Jung Hee working in the club.
He quickly steers her away but not before she hears Jung Hee’s singing coming from the room.
Jung Hee gets beaten up by the club patrons over a mishap.
Enough with the beatings already, why is the script so mean to him?

Having pored over the details of Na Mi’s journal and bank statement, Bong Gu is certain that she was paid to carry out a task. Since the timeline matches the period when Na Mi had joined the company and her involvement with Jung Hee, he is convinced that it has something to do with the latter.  She would not have settled for any man who’s not well off.

Flashback to when Na Mi joins the company and seems to take an immediate interest in Jung Hee.

Jae Bok goes back to the club and confirms her suspicion that Jung Hee is indeed working there. 

Jung Hee feels uncomfortable as Eun Hee fusses over him, tending to his wounds and holding his hand a tad too long when passing him a glass of milk. 

A look that seems to say ‘what is this witch up to?’

Jae Bok understands Jung Hee’s reason for working at the dodgy club but feels it is not right for him to do so since music is something special to him.

As orchestrated by Eun Hee, Kyung Woo makes an outrageous suggestion to conduct a paternity test on Jin Wook.

Jung Hee is upset and wants to know if Jae Bok had continued seeing Kyung Woo when they were dating.

Jae Bok wants to know why he’s deliberately trying to break up her family. Though he did not give her an answer and merely admits to being a lowlife #######, his fingers lingering momentarily on hers seem to indicate his internal conflict.

A heartbreaking reflection on the state of her marriage, on a husband who loves another woman and his lack of trust in her finally breaks her stoicism.  
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4 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 7 (2017-03-20)

  1. shandy says:

    Julee, I think you must have hated EH playing the
    mystical and vicious lady who is manipulating her evil power
    behind the scene ~ hahah , your translation of JH’s mind thinking about
    ” ‘what is this witch up to?’ makes me lol ! ^^

    • juleecwk says:

      Actually it was SH’s eyes that gave me the thought haha. I think JYJ is doing a good job acting as the crazy EH and her character is important in this drama. Villains make a drama more interesting because it would be boring without the bad guys and everything is all rosy.

      It’s a first for me that SH plays an ‘unlikable’ character. Though not exactly a villain, a weak and cheating husband is not one that viewers will condone. So his decision to take on this role must have been done with much thought. From many of the online comments, the preference is a Jae Bok and Bong Gu pairing. But I feel that their relationship is more like a pair of bickering partners turned friends. Sung Joon is good as BG in this role and I do enjoy JB and BG’s friendship.

      Perhaps SH can in future consider taking on the role of a real villain and not a weak character such as this. Be bad, real bad 🙂

      • shandy says:

        It’s all the odd by pairing JB and BG, first of all their
        appearances are totally incompatible, secondly, a Chinese
        proverb proves it well ” Meeting is easy,getting along
        is a trick too hard to learn”. Furthermore, the son luvs
        his own dad, JB mustn’t have forgotten about this……
        Well,it’ll be more comfortable to see them like an older sister
        and a younger brother, hahaha !~

        I’ll prefer to see our fav man put a hand in
        professor, lecturer or even prosecutor a role that stands
        absolutely for justice that kinda character, his good
        personality always stands more on the brighter side,
        but if he really wanna play a bad guy role, that must be
        a heroic bad guy with a villain outside and a mr goodie
        inside, that will be a great challenge for him to get further up
        a notch for sublimating his acting skills ! ^_^

      • juleecwk says:

        I would like to see SH acting in another thriller or be a spy 🙂

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