‘Perfect Wife’ Press Conference (2017-03-24)

‘Perfect Wife’ drama press conference held this morning at Conrad Seoul, Yeouido-dong.  
Sang Hyun says he was worried when he first read the script and had been unsure whether to take on the role as there’s nothing cool about a cowardly character who suffers much abuse. He had merely focused on the character but after discussing the role with his wife, he could see that the drama has its plus points. As his wife had pointed out, the drama is not only about one person so rather than thinking that he should not take on such a cowardly role, he should look at the drama as a whole.
Though feedback and comments on the drama had been positive, the low viewership ratings is disappointing. A possible reason could be the strong competition from the drama ‘The Defendant’ but since it has now ended, hopefully the ratings will improve. Sung Joon thinks that the ratings do not make much sense. He made a joke that he had already used a lethal weapon and had taken off his clothes.

In the second half of the drama, his character is expected to undergo a transformation as Eun Hee’s attempt to seduce Jung Hee intensifies. Jo Yeo Jeong commented that Sang Hyun is really funny on set as he would often joke that if Eun Hee continues to seduce him, it would become restricted viewing for mature audience (above 19).  As Jae Bok (Ko So Young) becomes concerned about Eun Hee’s strange ways, she would attempt to foil the latter’s plan when it unfolds. 
Sang Hyun says that it would not be interesting if Jung Hee remains cowardly throughout all the episodes so his character is expected to change during the second half. When asked about his new hairstyle, he would only say that it could be because he is enlisted in the army or going to a psychiatric hospital.

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4 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Press Conference (2017-03-24)

  1. shandy says:

    Wow, an air is already filled with positive machismo!
    How I luv to see Jung Hee deserving his transformation since
    Yoon has acted so hard and tough on the role of a cheating
    husband…..a role that only gains him unfavorable comments
    but I do expect viewers try to keep eyes on his genuine
    acting and read their respective roles in depth..Jung Hee
    may not be all wrong ~ though being an unfaithful hubby is
    not good, SJB the wife who is too cold and stingy to utter
    a word or two of ” warm words ” keeps trying to have her
    husband who needs that kinda warmth being distant so much
    so that he resorted to turn to another woman…….

    • juleecwk says:

      The online comments on SH’s character JH which I’ve read so far were not very positive but it’s understandable since it’s not an attractive character. Hope JH will be able to redeem himself with his transformation and become a much stronger character.

      I think this drama is also trying to highlight and give more awareness on certain relationship issues. As you rightly pointed out, it may not be due to the fault of one person alone. JB might be exasperated with JH but I don’t feel much warmth from her towards him. So it’s not surprising that he had turned to Na Mi who’s always there with her smiles and hugs, even if the relationship was a set-up. Though we may be partial to JH because he is played by SH 🙂 I think it would be hard for a man in his situation to resist another woman’s seduction. Anyway I hope both JB and JH can learn from the trials they go through and reconcile in the end.

      • shandy says:

        It’s obvious JB still loves JH, her exasperation
        merely acted out of jealousy when seeing EH help
        JH with her arms, ….but what happened when JH
        tried to ask her for help, she gestured JH to walk into
        the room by himself….
        oh, gosh, I’s so disappointed….it always makes the
        atmosphere become so stifling whenever JH appeared
        together with her…….expecting her to put on a little bit
        of warm smile but always it turned out a cold and poker
        face, JH surely had made it a habit of enduring her
        coldness with acquiescence…….
        I’m not a man, but I do know a seduction from a woman
        especially a pretty and understanding one is definitely more
        than lethal to eat up a man’s sensation……

      • juleecwk says:

        I thought so too regarding that scene when JH asked JB to help him in when he returned from the hospital and she just indicated for him to go in by himself. Not good.

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