‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 9 Teaser

Watch episode 9 teaser @ http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/msperfect/view/vod/index.html

The seduction of Jung Hee continues …..
Jung Hee’s transformation in episode 9
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4 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 9 Teaser

  1. shandy says:

    What an exciting game ~!
    The trio are ready to put on their armor gonna have
    a fight in the battle, in the name of truth behind the evil
    attempt, with a joining in of another one being considered
    killed but now has been raised from her death。。。。
    So glad to see JH with a handsome transformation ~
    wow, the tempo must be very interesting and exciting now
    coz’ the major core of the plot has been running so far finally comes to a
    point of confrontation —— that the three ladies would meet squarely on
    the issue~ yes, the layers of mystical truth is gonna be peeled one
    by one through the episodes……my blood is sizzling now ~

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m curious why JH seems to be with EH, why he looks so different in ep 9 and would really like to find out why Na Mi is still alive. I don’t want NM to be back with JH though. Let’s see how EH and JB is going to do battle from now on. JB should really move out of that house and take the kids with her.

      • shandy says:

        It should be remained in the plot for JH and JB
        together with the kids to stay at the house continually,
        coz’ the mystifying truth is yet waiting to be dug out
        from that mystical house. And I can be assured that
        JH will choose to be with JB and not NM, even NM
        truly falls in luv with JH but her luv gives JH a shiver
        after JH has realized NM’s initial intention of approaching
        him. Julee, I have a premonition about the
        second time NM could be fatally assaulted by most
        probably EH…….

      • juleecwk says:

        From the ep 9 trailer, JB and EH doesn’t seem to be on good terms and EH has that triumphant smirk as if she has JH by her side (bleah!). Someone also thought that NM might be killed off for real the 2nd time. Anyway since she had came on to JH for the money in the beginning, their relationship would not work out when he knows the truth. I can sort of ‘forgive’ her since she genuinely cares for him later, so I would not wish her to come to a tragic end. It is ok if they have an amicable parting.

        Besides EH, another weirdo is her mum. She seems even more unbalanced than EH and is not beyond killing someone. With both psycho mother and daughter, anything is possible.

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