‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 8 (2017-03-21)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @3.9%
Episode 2@4.9%
Episode 3 @5.1%
Episode 4 @4.9%
Episode 5 @3.5%
Episode 6 @4.7%
Episode 7 @3.5%
Episode 8 @4.4%
I had been hoping that Jung Hee and Jae Bok would not go through with the divorce so it’s kind of sad to see it happen in this episode. I hope their being apart will help them rediscover each other and reconcile in the end. An unexpected twist is Na Mi’s reappearance, how is it that she’s still alive? Anyway I do not want her to be with Jung Hee again, even if he’s going to be divorced.

Jin Wook’s disappearance after being reprimanded by Jung Hee gave his family a scare and it was with great relief when they finally found him.
Just when Kyung Woo is about to reveal the truth to Jae Bok regarding his involvement in Eun Hee’s deceit, he is abducted. How frustrating that we will not get to know what that truth is for now.
Jung Hee finds Jin Wook in the music room after having a talk with his teacher. Jin Wook’s fight with the schoolmate was due to the latter’s insult on his dad. He might be a brat at times but he does love his father.

Knowing how much Jin Wook loves him makes Jung Hee feel bad for his earlier doubts about him being his son.

Having gone through self-reflection for all that has happened, Jung Hee decides to give up the fight for custody for the children and agree on the divorce. Since he does not want to be away from the kids and to spare them the emotional distress arising from their separation, he makes a request that they continue to live in the same house until the kids are older.
Eun Hee makes her move on Jung Hee, bringing soup for the family’s breakfast. 

And flashes Jung Hee a coy smile which makes him feel uncomfortable.
Jung Hee and Jae Bok finally files for divorce but he still hopes that she can reconsider during the 3 months waiting period.

Jae Bok prefers that they remain as good friends and parents to their kids. A warm smile from her at last. Perhaps they might be better off as friends than husband and wife, without being weighed down by the constant negative feelings.

As Jung Hee walks away, Jae Bok reminisces on their happier moments in the past.
She has no regrets even though their marriage did not work out.

Jung Hee injures his back while at the construction site where he had resumed working after leaving the club. Without informing Jae Bok of the accident, Eun Hee takes it upon herself to turn up at the hospital. 

While driving Jung Hee home, Eun Hee is distracted talking about his divorce and almost collided with another car. The sudden braking and her reflex action to prevent him from being thrown forward triggers a distant memory for Jung Hee. It’s akin to deja vu which makes him wonder if they have met before. 
While clearing Na Mi’s house, Bong Gu had found a brooch which belongs to Eun Hee’s assistant/mum. To test her reaction, Jae Bok deliberately shows it to Eun Hee. The woman’s forceful denial that it’s hers confirms Jae Bok’s suspicion that she could have been at Na Mi’s place on the night of the accident.
Bong Gu finds an intruder in his house and is shocked to see that it’s Na Mi. He thought he’s having a nightmare until Jae Bok turns up and he realized it’s not a dream. Jae Bok is equally shocked to see Na Mi. How could she still be alive when they had witnessed her dead body?

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