‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 9 (2017-03-27)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @3.9%
Episode 2@4.9%
Episode 3 @5.1%
Episode 4 @4.9%
Episode 5 @3.5%
Episode 6 @4.7%
Episode 7 @3.5%
Episode 8 @4.4%
Episode 9 @6.4%
Though it’s uncertain what exactly is Eun Hee’s previous relationship with Jung Hee, they seem to have known each other in the past. Either she has changed her appearance or he probably has some sort of amnesia due to that car accident in the flashback. She certainly wants to get him back badly enough to go to great lengths to manipulate and mess up his life.
It seems someone else is behind the faking of Na Mi’s death but why? Even Eun Hee’s mum is not aware that Na Mi is still alive so there is another mysterious person who’s in on this. Now that Jung Hee and Jae Bok has filed for divorce, Eun Hee goes all out to seduce him. He might seem puzzled by her coming on to him all of a sudden but will he succumb to her blatant seduction?
Before Bong Gu and Jae Bok could get any clarification from Na Mi, she dashes out while he is answering the door. Seems she had been confined in some place but had managed to escape.
Jung Hee is stunned to discover that Eun Hee is the director of the previous company from which he had been laid off and has arranged for his reinstatement.
Though he does not get what she means when she explains her intention to turn him back into the man he used to be, he decides to accept her job offer so as to prove himself to those who have doubted  him.

As part of her plan to seduce Jung Hee at home, Eun Hee bribes Jae Bok’s employer Sam Kyu to keep her busy with a lot of overtime work.

To celebrate Jung Hee’s reinstatement at the company, Eun Hee treats the family to a lavish meal.

Jae Bok unexpectedly returns home early and is none too pleased to see Eun Hee cooking for her family. 

Jae Bok’s single bibimbab dish must have paled in comparison but they would have to eat it
so as not to upset her. 

I wonder if the reason for Eun Hee’s rage is because her attempt to have Jung Hee and the kids to herself has been thwarted or not having anyone to eat the lavish spread she had prepared.
Eun Hee is ecstatic to receive an unexpected gift from Jung Hee, as thanks for helping him to get his job back. It triggers a flashback memory of another gift she had received from him in the past.

This scene is rather vague as it’s not clear what their past relationship could be. Jung Hee’s blank expression when she hugs him seems rather strange but she calls him ‘Oppa’ which is a term of endearment. 
Just a wild guess. Could this be after the car accident when Jung Hee is suffering from amnesia and made to believe they were in a relationship?

Jung Hee is amazed to see Eun Hee’s well equipped music room which is something he had always wanted for himself.

Jung Hee is surprised that Eun Hee is familiar with his favourite tune and when she starts coming on to him, he is suddenly jolted by the repeat flashback of the car accident. He’s not quite sure but she seems familiar somehow. 

Just wondering whether Jung Hee is frozen by his surprise flashback or he’s mesmerized by Eun Hee’s seduction. Guess we’ll not know what his reaction might be since the moment is interrupted when Jae Bok walks in on them.

Won Jae is angry that Eun Hee had been so harsh to her daughter Cheri on the day the latter had wandered into her room. When Cheri mentions the picture of Jung Hee she had seen, Jae Bok is suspicious and demands to see what is in the room. Why would Eun Hee have his old photo and why is it in there?

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