‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 11 Teaser

Jung Hee finally finds out that Na Mi is still alive.
Eun Hee is suggesting to Jung Hee that they get married …. she’s really sick in the mind  😦
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4 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 11 Teaser

  1. shandy says:

    There is still luv within the family ~~
    The biggest shortage is the kinda connection of luv, which of the lacking
    that evil attempts easily find their way to sip in…….

    JH will finally discover that what he’d tried to find solace from NM as an
    escape from his frustration and setback is a big mistake……
    He’s a man who lacks of confidence in himself as well as JB. The luv that
    they’ve toward each other is akin to a loose thread dangling half in the air
    without a complete map of stitches…….
    If they keep hiding their luv beneath the surface, they’re not only hurting
    between themselves, the two kids would be living in pain for the separation
    of their dearest mom and dad……

    JB no doubt plays a core of the family, but the biggest mistake is ever made
    mainly due to her lacking understanding of her man ~ JB, if you ever luv him
    praise him, even say something good as a mean of booster, as the way you
    praise your children, coz the other side of men is like a child, women are more
    mature than men according to scientific research….
    Why did she get married to JH in the first place ? Coz of luv, when luv gradually
    has gone through a series of wringger, it still comes out firm, no matter what
    may come in, the kids are playing the critical part in weaving the luv within the

    JB does everything for the sake of their kids, so does JH, both are working
    hard on the similar standpoint, but JH does his way in an askew manner.
    If ever JB would pay a bit of attention to go further down her man’s heart,
    she would sooner find out a man with lower self-ego is yearning so much of
    his worthiness and recognition from his wife, less the people around them.
    JB never knows the approval and appraisal from her to her husband play
    a symmetrical part as their children to JH.

    The luv that they’d ever have now turns out to be heart-wrenching luv,
    my heart is aching too…….
    Hope they could find their way home of luv hand in hand soon if they
    could be able to uncover the psycho-scheme laid down by EH ——
    and this woman is no better than the bitterness and sadness striking so
    hard onJH’s family, coz EH is a dare devil bred by the psycho mom…..
    she’s a kinda tragic creature acting all out for the man she’s crazy about
    and craving so much for his embrace…….

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy, thanks for sharing your thoughts on JH & JB. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I can’t help being worried about JH’s change in outlook and his present determination to do whatever it takes to succeed. If he were to go down this path without any thought of the consequences, I don’t think it will bring him much satisfaction or happiness in the end. Success achieved at the expense of giving up his ‘soul’ would be so sad. It’s a horrifying thought for me that he might even agree to EH’s marriage proposal. It’s fine if he were to have feelings for her, but it’s definitely not right in this situation and especially with her mental condition. She might not physically harm him at the moment, but who knows what she is capable of when she loses her mind.

      • shandy says:

        Since HW has a symptom of separation anxiety, I guess
        JB might move back to EH’s building as a way of not only
        getting a reunion with HW’s dad but also as a mean fo
        putting a closer watch for keeping EH in check from JH.

        EH’s luv for JH gives me a chill, a horrible chill……
        Julee, I’m sorry I can’t accept JH’s feelings for her,
        not even a bit. Deep down in JH’s heart I believe JB is the
        only woman he’s ever truly deeply in luv…….

      • juleecwk says:

        Yes, I think so too that JB will be moving back in, not only for the children’s sake but because EH was trespassing into their place. Seems EH could not wait for the couple’s divorce to be finalized but already refurbishing the couple’s bedroom and moving her clothes into the wardrobe. I think EH is convinced that JH will soon marry her.

        I share your unease about EH’s obsession with JH, especially now that she is planning to be his wife. I find it hard to believe that JH and EH were a couple in the past (flashback) but if they had been in love, then it is possible that he could have feelings for her. It would be interesting to know what happened to them, perhaps something to do with EH’s mum? Or could that flashback scene of them be in EH’s fantasy? From this episode, it seems EH and her brother had suffered abuse from their mum. Perhaps this had in some way made her into what she is now.

        Of course I do not want JH to end up with EH of all people. I hope for a reconciliation and the family being whole again, a more confident JH and a more tender JB.

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