‘Perfect Wife’ Still – Confrontation

This scene should be from tonight’s episode 11, continuing from the previous episode when Jae Bok confronted Eun Hee at the company gala event and called her a psycho. From the photo above, Jung Hee and Jae Bok seems to be having an argument because of that. 
My take on Jung Hee’s transformation, not just physically but mentally. After having long being subjected to the disdain of those around him, he has probably reached the end of his tether. All of a sudden there is this person (pyscho Eun Hee) who comes along and shores up his confidence, who believes he’s going to be the best, that he has the potential the world has yet to discover … someone who appreciates him while no one else does, would this change in him be at all surprising? 
No doubt Eun Hee is psycho and has gone to such extremes to mess with Jung Hee’s life but in his eyes right now, she is the only one who believes in him and gives him a chance to prove himself. Since he has yet to find out her real intention, he would probably continue to be deceived. I expect he will gradually discover her true identity when he regains his memory but hope he is not going to fall for her seduction.
My positive impression of Jae Bok is her strength and self reliance but I feel she needs to display more tenderness towards those she loves ….. Jung Hee and Jin Wook. Let them feel their significance in her life and know she’s there for them no matter what instead of the constant disapproval and reprimand that somehow turns them away. I hope to see her transformation too.
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