‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 12 teaser

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4 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 12 teaser

  1. shandy says:

    The story line of the plot starts getting out of any foreseeable
    twist and turns~ I‘ll be getting angry if Jung Hee still goes
    straight to have engagement (?) with EH, even if he is told
    EH is actually Eun Kyung, an actual psycho,WILL HE ?!?????

    • juleecwk says:

      I guess with this drama being 20 eps long, the plot has to have its twist and turns. Just like you, I can’t believe JH is going through with EH’s idea of getting engaged. Makes me want to give him a good shake. If he’s willing to give in to whatever she wants in order to achieve his success, he’s certainly going to lose my respect. Sorry, but I feel it’s rather degrading for a man.

      I think we are getting emotional because JH is played by SH haha. I suppose it’s also considered good acting since it can provoke a response, be it positive or negative. But frankly, if JH is played by another actor and with the way the plot is going, I might stop watching.

      • shandy says:

        Yeah, Julee, we are speaking with one voice ~
        I so hope JH is not played by Yoon ~ If JH keeps going
        on his own way, he’s not only hurting his children, hurting
        JB, he’s also hurting us …..the very first time I’ve got SO
        emotional with the role of character he plays, though
        he couldn’t be blamed for doing any wrong, but juz don’t
        feel comfortable if he tries to throw caution to the wind
        and marry EH ~
        …..I prefer him to stay single if there’s no reconciliation
        with JB taking place, oh gosh ~~ SO SADDDDDDDD

      • juleecwk says:

        No matter how twisted it might be, I believe JH and JB will reconcile in the end. The drama is already past its half way mark so they will soon have to focus on solving the mystery of EH’s identity and what made her become mentally unstable. JH might continue to do things that upset us but I do believe that he will learn that success achieved in this manner is not going to bring him happiness. And he will find out the truth about EH’s deception and all that she has done to him and his family.

        So Shandy dear, let’s stay positive that things will work out in the end. I did say a number of times that I would like to see SH playing the role of a villain. This character might not be a true villain in that sense but it’s a role that can provoke one’s emotion.

        Remember that previous shot of the 4 main characters lying next to each other? … 1) JH facing EH, with his back towards JB and 2) another shot of JH and JB looking happy, facing each other and holding hands. So I would take these shots as a hint of how it’s going to turn out. Though the couple might have conflicts that tear them apart, they will find each other in the end 🙂

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