‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 11 (2017-04-03)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1   @3.9%                    Episode 11 @5.3%
Episode 2   @4.9%
Episode 3   @5.1%
Episode 4   @4.9%
Episode 5   @3.5%
Episode 6   @4.7%
Episode 7   @3.5%
Episode 8   @4.4%
Episode 9   @6.4%
Episode 10 @6.1%
Jung Hee’s physical transformation seems to have turned him into a different man. He is determined to do whatever it takes to achieve success and recognition which has eluded him for far too long. He is prepared to pay the price but at what cost if he were to lose his soul in the process?
Another surprising revelation is the flashback of Jung Hee together with Eun Hee in happier times. If they were a loving couple back then, how is it that he does not remember her? While Eun Hee seems to have happy memories of them together, his scattered memory is only of the car accident.

Jung Hee thinks that Jae Bok might have gone overboard, calling Eun Hee a psycho.

Now that he’s being given the opportunity to be successful, he is not about to give it up. 

Na Mi tries but fails to get Jung Hee’s attention. She has to let him know she’s still alive so he will not marry Eun Hee, but it’s dangerous for her to expose herself in this manner.
Eun Hee sees Na Mi and runs after her like a woman possessed. It did not even bother her when she cuts her foot on a broken piece of glass.

Eun Hee’s flashback to happier times with Jung Hee.
My mind is still trying to process this image of them as a couple.

Jae Bok is furious that Eun Hee has refurbished their bedroom and even moved her clothes into their closet, behaving as if she is already living there as Jung Hee’s wife. 

Jae Bok does not want Eun Hee to meddle with the kids or to come up to their house without permission.

A scene which makes me tear up. How tough it must be for the kids to have to choose between either parent. Since Jin Wook insists that he wants to live with his dad, Jae Bok lets him have his way. She wonders if Hye Wook too would like to do the same.
Eun Hee makes a surprise proposal that they get married. Though Jung Hee seems uncomfortable and is non-committal, he did not exactly say no. 

I must say I’m really disappointed with Jung Hee. He is barely out of a divorce and to enter into another marriage as if it is a transaction, what is he thinking? If this is his chosen path to success, then good luck. He has to be responsible for his own choices, whether good or bad.

Jung Hee is shocked to learn that Na Mi is still alive and is devastated to find out that her relationship with him was a lie. Eun Hee had expected that Na Mi would definitely try to contact Jung Hee again so this revelation would ensure that he would not want to have anything more to do with Na Mi. 

Adding more fuel to the fire as Mr Cho claims that Na Mi had even slept with him for money.

Though Eun Hee seems to be the cause of everything that has been happening to Jae Bok’s family, they could not quite figure out why Jung Hee is her target.

With his favorite Ahjumma suddenly turning frosty towards him and having to fend for himself, Jin Wook misses his mum and feels sorry for having misbehaved. Hopefully he will be more respectful towards his parents.

Seeing a child being beaten by his mum causes Eun Hee to freak out as it reminded her of how she and her brother Brian had suffered similar abuse from their mum. 

Jae Bok tries to calm Eun Hee down but she seems unfocused and oblivious to her surroundings.

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7 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 11 (2017-04-03)

  1. shandy says:

    Till now I manage to accumulate the past episodes and with the clue
    brought to light from the current one,I sort of trying to find out and put these
    pieces altogether…
    JH’s suffered a memory loss resulted from a car accident where the car was
    driven by EH plunging straight down the ravine, JH bore the blunt of the impact
    with his head being forcefully thrown backward and the powerful impact on his brain
    gave rise to concussion that lead to his traumatic brain injuries. Such injuries may
    cause changes in the brain, and I suspect JH might have suffered from a high level
    of retrograde amnesia that affected the episodic memory, as he had the likelihood of
    losing memories closer to the traumatic incident than the far more remote memories,
    then it could only explain why he couldnt’ even have a slight impression of the name
    of Eun Kyung. Let’s try to sort out the past happenings into a more chronological order,
    we could assume that during the accident rite on the spot,
    JH’d had lost his consciousness after the impact, EH also suffered a sever injuries.
    After JH had regained his consciousness, the impact of the accident caused his
    episodic memory lost,
    so he had no idea who exactly Eun Kyung was. He might not have seen her since
    then.JB most probably had fallen in luv with JH before the accident, and after the
    accident JB came to take care of JH, so with JB by his side, JH recovered from his
    body injuries but not the traumatic brain injuries. During that time JB also didnt’
    realize that JH suffering from episodic memory loss,
    and she even had no idea that JH had ever have an intimate relationship with EH,
    but EH knew her and his love affair with JH. I think we might be very interested to
    know about the cause of the accident, it might be caused by JH’s coolness toward
    EH after he discovered that EH, came from a very wealthy family , manipulated all
    things with her wealth, in his eye, it’s extravagant and lavish of money, had
    a very strong sense of possessiveness toward him and EH’s gradual exposure of
    herself a psycho weirdo. JH diverted his attention to JB whom he met at his concert
    and soon fell in love with her at the first sight (from the flashback of the concert), EH
    was unable to face the fact with this striking emotional
    impact, she invited JH for a faked peaceful talk in her car. JH refused to resume their
    lovers status and ultimately, EH lost her mind hysterically thinking of perish together
    with JH( the idea came from the Chinese fan), so did the car plunge into the ravine….
    JH before being stricken by memory loss must be a smart man, amnesia will
    somehow affect his ability in analysis and organization with certain magnitude, i quite
    understand this from “Shopping KIng Louie ” the male lead suffered the same degree
    of memory loss too. Seem like memory loss has become a heat context for a dramatic
    episodes nowadays, but it does remind us what it is exactly all about. Here I hope
    JH soon recovers from his memory loss and go back to
    what he had been before and I’m sure that he’ll realize how much he’d loved JB that
    time and hence he’ll dearly precious their luv and reorganize their family back into its
    warmth and happiness as it’d been before.

    • juleecwk says:

      Thanks for the interesting scenarios, I couldn’t help chuckling as I read through them 😀

      Yes, I think most of us would really like to find out how JH and EH were related and what really happened between them. As you pointed out, it is quite possible that JH could have discovered something about EH which caused their breakup. In the scene from ep 12 when EH was recovering from her breakdown, she seems to recall her mum screaming at her followed by JH’s angry voice telling her to leave immediately.

      It’s highly likely that JH was different before his accident, a contrast to the meek and indecisive man he had become. EH is always telling JH she wants to turn him back into the great man he used to be so this could be a clue. Though we hope he will regain his confidence with the return of his memories, would it excuse his current mindset of putting prestige above everything else? If I were to look at JH objectively, I do not like the man he has become. Since he is willing to cast everything aside for status, I can no longer feel his heart. It makes me feel sad for his children. If I were JB, I would not want him back T_T

  2. shandy says:

    My dear Julee, I understand how you feel is exactly how I’m feeling..
    In fact, it’s a spontaneous reaction when JH’s driven to an
    extreme end —— imagining how he has been gibed, taunted and
    ridiculed by his superior to an utmost inhumane way, and his son’s
    distrust of a father’s capacity, and his wife’s demerit of his ability…
    all in all JH’s pathetic destiny would make me tear —— the aftermath
    syndrome of his retrograde amnesia strikes upon him with an
    unimaginable destructive power ~ I’ve always wanted to put myself
    in his situation ~ that cripples his progress relentlessly, that every time
    when he tries to get a new job, he met with mayhem ~ that he had to
    grasp at the straws in the drowning water struggling for his kids~
    Who’s the one behind the veil manipulating and maneuvering his destiny
    ~! It’s EH, the psycho woman who’s gonna turn JH into a devil…..
    I don’t know whether she’d schemed all these is merely out of getting JH
    back to her, or her another evil attempt is associated with a revengeful
    purpose on JB , who’s considered betraying the liking she had been to
    her but later found out she’s also the one seizing her love, JH at the
    same time。
    And I think she is showing off her ostentatious wealth to JH who once
    despised those rich people for being too flamboyant, too gaudy and too
    worldly, as what JH’s mother mentioned that JH’d rejected a wealthy gal
    friend before. EH made JH suffer and struggle a lot until JH found life
    was on the verge of survival, she then appeared as his savior, signifying
    wealth is everything you can do. JH, like a severe injured beast, hunger
    for wealth to make him and his family living a better life , is akin to a
    man in the desert almost meets his destiny of dying of thirst ………
    I believe JH before was not what he’s now, EH wanna make him exactly
    what she is now, manipulating the world with her wealth, so that’s
    the fatal way to keep JH by her side forever ………

    • juleecwk says:

      I think I might have misread JH’s purpose to gain success at the expense of putting himself under EH’s control. He genuinely believes that such is the sacrifice he has to make in order to stand tall before his kids. But would he end up hurting them even more if he goes to the extent of marrying EH? I’m sure he’s aware that others must be mocking him since his position is not gained through his own capability but by connection. I have a feeling that JB is going to fight back now that she knows who their enemy is.

  3. shandy says:

    I think JH himself also never expected EH had wanted
    to marry him so eagerly and so desperately ~ JH now
    still hasn’t figured out how deep of EH’s luv to him ~ EH
    is gradually taking JH’s life into her hand, step by step,
    plot by plot, this woman is an incarnation of Satan ~ she’s
    too horrible to imagine ! Now the person who can pull JH
    out of the mire is JB, the one who had loved him so much
    before, even being hurt so much by JH, I think she
    wouldn’t be sitting still there waiting for the doom to hit
    rite on JH, she’ll definitely display the true characteristics
    of a PERFECT WIFE who would determinedly fight back~
    yes, the Ms Perfect will definitely display her heroic act to
    save JH from the Satan’s clutches, fighting !

    • juleecwk says:

      I do not really know what is a stalker’s state of mind regarding the subject of their affection. Is it merely an obsession to possess or do they genuinely believe it’s love? EH has been stalking their family over the years and using her wealth to manipulate everything. I really don’t want to see JH going through with that engagement.

      • shandy says:

        Psychologically, not all the stalkers will display
        the psychopathic traits, while for EH, she is
        obviously in an imbalance state of mentality. Her
        love for JH is over abused by her over crazy
        obsession with JH. What stuffs her mind is all
        about JH is the only man she loves, and with her
        wishful thinking, she always portrays JB as if she
        didn’t luv JH as much as she did, so her crazy
        thinking is fully preoccupied by replacing JB to
        become JH’s wife…….she stalked JH coz’ she still
        holds her belief of JH’s luv for her, that’s
        why she keeps stalking him and insisted her own
        thoughts that she’s the only for JH, no one else
        can be. EH’s obsessive luv develops into a strong
        sense of possessiveness with propensity of
        controlling her victim (JH has become the victim of
        her stalking), I’m worried about JH for every reason
        coz’ as long as a psychopathic mind of a stalker is
        concerned, JH, JB and the children’s lives would be

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