‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 13 (2017-04-10)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1   @3.9%            Episode 11 @5.3%
Episode 2   @4.9%            Episode 12 @5.6%
Episode 3   @5.1%            Episode 13 @4.8%
Episode 4   @4.9%
Episode 5   @3.5%
Episode 6   @4.7%
Episode 7   @3.5%
Episode 8   @4.4%
Episode 9   @6.4%
Episode 10 @6.1%
Jung Hee is gradually regaining his past memories which must be very traumatic for him. What is difficult to understand though is why he still wants to carry on with Eun Hee despite the horror of remembering that she was his stalker Moon Eun Kyung.
This drama has a knack of letting us think we see the obvious but then we find things are not really what they seem. Has Jung Hee become so overly ambitious that he is willing to tolerate his tormentor or is it just his way of dealing with the trauma and confronting his fear?

Jae Bok pleads with Jung Hee to postpone the engagement as he had to know Eun Hee’s real identity. This was one gripping scene for me as I watched with my heart in my mouth, hoping he would be persuaded not to go through with it. I was just as relieved as Jae Bok when he heeded her plea.

Jae Bok tells Jung Hee what she had seen in Eun Hee’s room and insisted that he goes back immediately to see it for himself.
Upset that her engagement had been ruined, Eun Hee seems to have become unhinged as she speeds dangerously down the road. Jung Hee is terrified and tries to calm her down with reminders about her plans to marry him and help him be successful. 

It was a close call but thankfully Jung Hee managed to steer the car out of a head-on collision.

Eun Hee believes that Jung Hee really wants to have a happy life with her but the contradictory expression in his eyes seem to indicate otherwise. 
Even though Jung Hee had earlier decided to postpone the engagement, he goes ahead with it to appease her.

A rather ominous scene with that cloud of dark smoke behind them, which is sort of symbolic of their weird relationship.

Jae Bok secretly passes Jung Hee a note to check out Eun Hee’s room on the 3rd level.

Jung Hee must have seen the photos in the room but strangely he acts as if there is nothing unusual. When Jae Bok drags him back into the room, she could not believe her eyes that all the incriminating photos had vanished. 
Memories of Moon Eun Kyung trickles back to haunt him and as he jerks awake from the nightmare, he is startled to see her face looming above him.

As Jung Hee recalls what he had seen in the room and his traumatic memories of Moon Eun Kyung, he seems conflicted as he battles his inner demons. 

A scene which is very contradictory and puzzling to me. Jung Hee is obviously upset now that he is aware that Eun Hee is Eun Kyung, his stalker from the past. Why then is he still so determined to carry on with her? Is it really all about the prestige she can give him or is there something else he has in mind?

Jae Bok is certain that Eun Hee’s door code has something to do with Jung Hee. On checking through his college yearbook, she finds his concert photo with the date stamp which matches the code 020321.

Won Jae manages to get hold of an old article written by Moon Eun Kyung and though she looks different then, they are certain she’s Eun Hee as she using the concert date as her door code. An alumnus who knows her related how Eun Kyung had been so obsessed with Jung Hee that she began stalking him when he rejected her.

Eun Hee pleading with Jae Bok not to reveal her real identity to Jung Hee.

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