‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 14 (2017-04-11)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1   @3.9%            Episode 11 @5.3%
Episode 2   @4.9%            Episode 12 @5.6%
Episode 3   @5.1%             Episode 13 @4.8%
Episode 4   @4.9%            Episode 14 @5.4%
Episode 5   @3.5%
Episode 6   @4.7%
Episode 7   @3.5%
Episode 8   @4.4%
Episode 9   @6.4%
Episode 10 @6.1%
Jung Hee has become an enigma to me since the previous episode 13. He is aware that Eun Hee is Moon Eun Kyung, his stalker from the past and despite being haunted by harrowing memories, he is now so bent on achieving success that he is willing to stick it out with her.
It seems to me Jung Hee’s sole driving force is his children but can he give them true happiness by going to such lengths? Dealing with someone so mentally unstable as Eun Hee could result in terrifying consequences. With the hint of Bong Gu having a romantic interest in Jae Bok, my hope for a reconciliation between her and Jung Hee is fading a little. It would be a pity as the playful friendship between Bong Gu and Jae Bok is much more fun to watch.

From outside the room, Jung Hee hears the altercation between Jae Bok and Eun Hee but surprisingly he backs away and beats a hasty retreat. Could it be because he could not deal with the truth at that moment or perhaps he did not want to reveal that he is aware of Eun Hee’s identity?

As he hastily drives away, he gets a flashback of the traumatizing accident which nearly killed him. 
Eun Kyung refuses to let Jung Hee out of the car and demands his promise not to leave her, to say that he will love only her forever. She speeds up and as he tries to wrest the steering wheel from her, the car swerves dangerously.

The car crashes through a barrier and stops short of a steep cliff. If Eun Kyung had driven over it, most likely both of them would not have survived.

Jung Hee’s mother finally relents and confides in Jae Bok how Eun Hee’s stalking had nearly killed him. It had been so traumatic that he had suffered a memory loss after the accident.

Jung Hee burns the photos he had removed from Eun Hee’ room, as if doing so would erase the unpleasant memories. It seems to give him a renewed determination to cast aside his former self and achieve what he has set out to do.

Eun Hee prepares a romantic setting to celebrate their engagement, unaware that Jung Hee’s mind is flooded with harrowing memories of her attempted suicide in front of him. 

During Eun Hee’s counselling session with Won Jae, what she related about her past was a contradiction to what actually happened. In her imaginary world she was the one Jung Hee loved instead of Jae Bok. 

Jae Bok had moved to Won Jae’s house with the children. Unlike Hye Wook who still seems very attached to her dad, Jin Wook appears a little distant as he’s unhappy that they had moved out again.

Eun Hee had made a promise to Jae Bok that she would leave for Canada for good if her identity is not revealed to Jung Hee. But unable to leave him, she secretly prepares for their wedding and future home.  

On realizing that Eun Hee had lied, Jae Bok decides that sympathy for her was unnecessary. It was time to tell Jung Hee the truth. 

I find it strange that Jung Hee is visibly shaken to be told that Eun Hee is his stalker Moon Eun Kyung. Isn’t he already aware of her identity when he regained his memory and saw those photos in her room?

After all the deceit for two-thirds of the drama, I’m glad what should be revealed is finally out in the open . Applause to Jae Bok for telling Jung Hee what he needs to hear …. here is your tormentor and stalker Moon Eun Kyung, who buys your heart with money and tore our family apart. 

And double applause for telling Eun Hee to stop her lies, just shut up and get out of their life.
It’s uncertain how the drama will progress from here. If Jung Hee is still determined to carry on as if it did not matter, I would give up on him if I were Jae Bok. If this revelation helps to bring him back to earth, at least it would have done him some good. Happiness is not always about having money and prestige, it’s being there for your loved ones. I hope he will be able to heal from his traumatic past and be the kind of man he should be.
Why do I get the feeling that the danger is not over even if Eun Hee leaves. I believe her obsession with Jung Hee is not going to end anytime soon. If she becomes even more unhinged, I would be worried for the children. Since Eun Hee/Eun Kyung was prepared to die with Jung Hee back then, she might really intend to take him with her this time.
I can’t quite figure out what is the purpose of having Na Mi back from the dead. So far, she had not done anything to get back at the people who had used her. Could it be possible that she might sacrifice herself to save Jung Hee when he’s in danger? With 6 more episodes to go, anything is possible. One can always imagine.
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5 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 14 (2017-04-11)

  1. shandy says:

    I think Jung Hee only thought those photos of him were pinned
    on the board in EH’s secret room, and he never realized that EH
    had also been stalking him for the past 15 years..and felt flummoxed
    about how he’d been tormented by EH ~ coz’ he hasn’t have the least
    idea of who the one is behind the veil of manipulating JYB and JNM,
    so JH appeared shaken associated with indignation and resentment ~
    EH’s deranged act of almost killing him in a car accident reminded him
    of his lost memory during that time now begins haunting him again,
    that would give rise to his anger blended with his resentment towards
    her……..but was upset at the same time of the real identity of EH
    being exposed by JB in the open, that made him feel so much
    nonplussed and depressed —— for this mixed emotional disturbances,
    Yoon played it rite above the par, and I found that his emotional acting
    has elevated to another level of notch again, good job !

    Julee, now I could be quite certain that JH and JB would at last come
    to the terms of reconciliation ~ before the drama was on air, i’s rather
    confused by the name of “Perfect Wife”, as JB hasn’t played to the
    expectation of such that ” perfect ” status from the initial few episodes,
    even till now her every act of doing so tends to be in a more detective
    role rather than an ex-wife doing any good for the ex-husband, though
    she’s not obliged.
    But now I believe JB could be more and more perfect when she comes
    forward for JH giving him a hand to secure him from a dire strait after
    knowing all the truth, including JYB’s irrationality and treating JH with
    humiliation…..JB hasn’t surrendered to despair yet ,
    every time she mentioned about the words of ” We are divorced
    already ”
    She didn’t mean that actually……if not otherwise she could turn
    straight away from JH, be him engaged or married with EH, even if
    she knew about EH’s every act of psychiatric problems. EH is in a
    total state of delusional disorder, the way she created that imagery of
    herself being hugged by JH from the back in actuality was JB really
    sends chill to my spine, oh, God, i need so much of a spiritual
    comfort now…..every time she tried to draw closer to JH for an
    embrace or kiss, I’s entirely besieged by an unknown irritation and
    irk….. I beg Jung Hee xi quickly wake up from the next episode
    and hope the writer please try not to be too hard on us,hahha !!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy,
      Knowing how this drama tends to surprise and let viewers think they have come to a conclusion before showing that they had it wrong, it’s possible that JH does not really know that EH is his past stalker Eun Kyung. JH’s mum had told JB that he does not remember what happened then and is afraid of what the truth could do to him. When JB had asked him over the phone whether the reason he had taken a year off college was because he was unwell, he also mentioned that he cannot remember what really happened. Like you said, JH might be slowly regaining his traumatic memories of MEK without associating her with EH since she looks so different now.

      But then how do we figure his reaction to those photos he saw in EH’s room? These were not only of him during his college days but also photos of his family when his kids were still young. Wouldn’t he have wondered how EH had got hold of his family photos? And what about when Bong Gu showed up at his office showing the remnants of his burnt photos and asking him why JH claimed he did not know MEK when these photos were taken from EH’s room? Perhaps JH thought he was referring to his past stalker MEK but still did not associate EH with MEK?

      Yes, don’t we just want to pry EH off JH whenever she tries to seduce him haha. “Hands off!” 😀 I’m not really sure of JB’s feelings towards JH now. She could be trying to protect him from EH because he is their children’s dad. But what EH said when JB had questioned her about her excessive reaction to Cherri eating the chocolates which JH had given her “It’s a big deal because they were from JH. That’s why you are not qualified to be his wife”. That remark is kind of telling as I feel that what EH meant is JB does not appreciate JH, even for minor things.

      And that scene where JB and BG were sharing some drinks and she was wondering why their life had turned out this way, what did she do wrong. While BG tells her that she did nothing wrong, I was thinking that her mistake is in not showing more support and appreciation for JH. We hardly see her smile at him or give him encouragement but mostly criticism. There was one scene where JH said to JB that he feels he can never do anything right. It’s kind of sad.

      Let’s hope things will get better but I expect EH will still be around and the danger is not over.

      • shandy says:

        Yes, prying her off JH is exactly the best idea in my mind ! ^_^
        But it looks like whether EH or JYJ, she’s all the same clingy to
        JH or YSH, HAHAHA ~!

        Dear Julee, in many ways I‘m reading the drama eye to eye
        with you. Perhaps EH is rite from that aspect of JB might have
        neglected showing her appreciation for JH even in a small way
        or of small little thing~ JB’s appraisal could make the world so
        much difference for JH if she’d ever noticed about that……
        Her support be it big or small still comes to be the biggest
        prize for JH even if it appears as a prize for consolation……
        JH and JB, the two still luving each other which is quite obvious
        from their concerns for each other, might have to come to settle
        themselves down by talking to each other face to face with
        wholeheartedness —— the feelings that they’re still holding for
        each other……..

      • juleecwk says:

        Hi Shandy,
        From what I read of the media reports, it seems likely that JH is aware of EH’s identity when he saw his photos in her room. I think he’s now so focused on his ambition for success, he’s forcing himself to overcome that trauma of remembering.

        When I watched the trailer for tonight’s ep 15, my heart dropped further. It seems JH is still with EH despite JB’s revelation that EH is his past stalker MEK, and he doesn’t seem afraid of EH anymore. That could only mean that he chose to remain with EH even though he knows her identity now. It also seems that something is developing between BG and JB so my hope for the reconciliation is fading fast. What makes it worse is JH’s intention of fighting JB for custody of the children.

        This drama is making me sad T_T

  2. shandy says:

    Dear Julee, I believe it wouldn’t be the whole senario
    appearing in Ep 15, it must be the hoodwink played by
    the writer to trick us ~ If it’s JH’s means to get back the
    custody of the children, the children might be the
    stumbling block for EH and JH’s relationship ~ and I might
    even make a plausible conjecture that JNM eventually
    reveals the real person who maneuvered behind the veil
    the whole plot making JH totally fall flat and suffer in the
    first place, how would JH think about EH’s dirty trick ????/
    JH’s determined to be with EH coz’ mainly of his children,
    if the kids’ lives are gonna be jeopardized by EH for her
    intolerable reason to share JH’s luv with the kids, JH’d
    choose to leave her………..let’s see whether my guess
    could be capitalized or not ~ I’ve a very bad feeling that
    NM might be killed by EH…..

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