‘Perfect Wife’ – Character Metamorphosis

Those who have been following the drama ‘Perfect Wife’ would have noticed the changes the 4 main characters have undergone. Though the drama is under-rated, it has managed to keep us in suspense and continues to surprise us.
Of all the dramas I’ve watched which Sang Hyun had acted in, I have to say this is one role which gives me a lot of unease. Perhaps I’m so used to him playing likeable characters that a character such as Gu Jung Hee is something I am just not used to. I had previously expressed a wish to see him take on the role of a villain and though this is not exactly a vicious role, it is a foretaste of what Sang Hyun is capable of.
I believe a good actor has to be versatile, be able to morph into any character and stir up the viewer’s emotion. I think the main reason I have been disappointed with Gu Jung Hee since the first episode is really because I have been associating him with my favourite actor. How can he be such a weak and unlikeable character? But precisely because Gu Jung Hee is able to make me feel disappointed and even angry for being the way he is, it is a testimony of Sang Hyun’s realistic acting. So this time as I continue to watch the rest of the drama, I will look at Gu Jung Hee as who he is meant to be.

Jae Bok spirit …. I will not run away, back off or avoid
Shim Jae Bok, the typical housewife and devoted mother of two, with a husband she’s disappointed in. But having gone through the heartache of divorce and discovery of how their life had been manipulated by her husband’s stalker, she regains her inner strength and resilience to fight for her family.

I will do well and succeed. I will become a man that everyone fear and envy.
Gu Jung Hee, weak-willed and lacking respect from those around him. Now that he has been given an opportunity, he will seize it and do whatever it takes to succeed …. even if he has to be with the mentally unstable woman who has been manipulating his life.

I can’t leave this man. I will love him forever, even after I die.
Lee Eun Hee, a woman whose perfect appearance hides a dark side. With her delusion and long term obsession with Gu Jung Hee, she will stop at nothing to make him hers.

A woman’s worth is her fortune
Kang Bong Gu, a man who has always set his sights on women with the means to help him move up in life. What he had not anticipated is meeting one who will help him realize what a shallow life he has been living.
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