‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 15 (2017-04-17)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1   @3.9%            Episode 11 @5.3%
Episode 2   @4.9%            Episode 12 @5.6%
Episode 3   @5.1%            Episode 13 @4.8%
Episode 4   @4.9%            Episode 14 @5.4%
Episode 5   @3.5%            Episode 15 @5.0%
Episode 6   @4.7%
Episode 7   @3.5%
Episode 8   @4.4%
Episode 9   @6.4%
Episode 10 @6.1%
Jung Hee has regained the memories of his traumatic past with Eun Hee but he is prepared to stick it out with her in order to achieve the success he is aiming for. Besides the previous accident which had resulted in his nervous breakdown, it is unclear what else she had done to terrorize him. Hope this will be explained in the remaining episodes.
Though Jung Hee might seem to have lost his mind by telling Jae Bok not to interfere even if Eun Hee is his previous stalker, what jumps out at me is his reaction to Jae Bok’s use of the word ‘shameful’. It seems to be the trigger that brings out his pent-up frustration for her constant low regard of him.

Jung Hee “You used to be embarrasssed of me because I was an incompetent nerd”
Jung Hee “What does it matter if she is Moon Eun  Kyung? What’s wrong with a few lies? She did it out of love.”
Contrary to what he is saying, I believe he was telling Jae Bok that at least this woman ‘loves’ him ….. even if it’s a sick kind of love. Frankly I have not felt much love or affection from Jae Bok towards him, except in the flashback of their past.  
The anger in his eyes is so palpable, I thought this moment is probably all about the issues between Jae Bok and himself.

Jae Bok is shocked to know that Jung Hee had regained his memory and yet he still insists on being
with Eun Hee. 

It is unacceptable to Jung Hee that Jae Bok would only allow him limited access to the children,
so he decides to contest for custody.
Jung Hee’s mother is distraught that he still wants to be with the crazy woman who had tormented him in the past. He reassures her that he will be fine and has made up his mind to endure everything so that they can regain the happy life they used to have. He is positive he will be able to achieve what he has set out to do within a year.

I wonder what terrible things Eun Kyung had done to Jung Hee and his family that even his mum is terrified on seeing her.
Flashback to the time when Jung Hee had suffered a mental breakdown and could not even recognize his mum.

Eun Hee is not pleased with Jung Hee’s decision to have the children live with them if he wins custody.
She tries to persuade him but to no avail as he’s adamant that the kids are his priority above everything else.
He will not marry her if she cannot accommodate the children.
Having come so far, Eun Hee does not intend to let the issue regarding the children come between them.
She would let him think that she’s fine with it and would be a good mother to them.
Her mention of the desire to marry him soon and have their own children seems to be something he had not considered.

Jae Bok and Bong Gu discussing ways to gather evidence to support the custody contest. They would have to prove that the woman Jung Hee is going to marry is unfit to care for the children.

The sight of a dish at dinner reminded Jung Hee of the happy times the family had spent together even when money was tight. He had a sudden longing to see his kids.

He makes his way to Won Jae’s house and joins Jae Bok and the kids for dinner. He is unaware that Eun Hee had bugged his phone and knows that he is here though he had told her he is going back to the office.

Daddy’s precious little girl which brings to mind Sang Hyun’s daughter. I think this is one thing Gu Jung Hee and Sang Hyun both share, their love and devotion for their children. 

Everyone is shocked to see Eun Hee in the house. It’s kind of eerie that she’s just standing there silently observing them. She must have got the door code from Jin Wook but still it is a form of trespassing.
While Eun Hee is angry that Jung Hee had lied to her, he is angry that she had listened in on his call and should not have turned up here like this. 
Jung Hee’s remark that her behavior might make people think she’s crazy makes her snap.
Without warning she hits him on his head.  

Unknown to them Jae Bok is quietly filming their altercation, to use it as evidence that Eun Hee has a problem with anger management which would make her unfit to care for the children.

It’s obvious that Eun Hee loses control whenever she’s angry and I’m sure Jung Hee would not want his kids near her if he is aware of her violent tendencies. Did he really believe earlier that she is no longer as unbalanced as she used to be?
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