‘Perfect Wife’ Stills (6)

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2 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Stills (6)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I have to admit that for the first time I thought it will be a light story with fun and some problems. But as we are getting closer to the end, my opinion has changed. It is a horror story… And I don’t really understand the low view ratings as it is very exciting drama, mainly the last episode!
    I am really sorry for the murdering of NM as she was a cool spot among the many overthinking people around. And I have to admit that she would have been the perfect wife for JH. She really loved JH, I will miss her lovely smiling face. JB seems to be too hard woman and she is unable to show her inner feeleings and make compromise with husband, who is also a little bit strange. Sometimes JH seems to be uncertain and his reactions are strange in front of any other persons in the drama. SH’s role is strange and unpredictable, but he acts very well, just like the others, too! He can cry still very well! And I start to get used to his new hairstyle, although, with long one he was my favorite! 😀 He can express his feelings very well! EH is mad or schizophrenic, no doubtr! She has too big power in her hand even she would have been jailed in a mental hospital long time ago! Her manifestations and the accidental murder were fearful, but which is more worrisome as he cut JH’s shirt and even more the little bunny toy into pieces…
    So, the last episodes were really horroristic, just like a thriller, but in last episode I found a funny moment. Perhaps, it could be strange, but when JH’s mom got out the piece of bread of the hand of the little child and tasted it! The moment that she tasted it was really unrealistic, but funny… She has watched too many korean historical drama, but not every poison has such quick effect… 😀 Otherwise, granny is right, I won’t eat anything which was prepared by that mad woman, even more I won’t let my children or family live with her in the same house. Of course , I know everything has the own cause, and we will see at the end, but… not logical for me…
    Otherwise, I think there’s only one solution for blocking EH away from society, if his brother helps the others. The key is in his hand and it would cause a very big psychological shock for him, if he will do it at all as he loves his sister very much!
    I just do hope that everybody will stay alive at the end of the drama!!! I think the most comforting solution would be the death of EH, if not she has so much power, that she would take surely a revenge and it could be another series fo 20 episodes with the title: The revenge of a pretty psychopath! 😀
    I am looking forward to see the next episodes…

    • juleecwk says:

      Agree that NM would be the best wife for JH, if only her relationship with him had not been a lie in the beginning. I’m still wondering about the name for this drama as JB is no perfect wife despite her love for the kids, and definitely not crazy EH who would be the psycho wife.

      All through the drama I have been trying to figure out JH’s behavior, from being weak to craving for power. Has he really changed so much that success is all that matters besides his kids, even if he has to marry the mentally unstable woman who is his worst nightmare? That’s probably what the drama wants the viewers to believe. I’m not sure if my guess is right, but all of a sudden I’m beginning to see something which is starting to make sense to me.

      I don’t think JH is power crazy but just trying to regain what he and his family had lost. Now that I recall his reaction after he saw the photos in EH’s secret room, he was so angry but he forced himself to pander to EH despite realizing that she’s his stalker. When he was burning those photos he found in her room, he seems determined to go all the way probably to get back what she or her dad has taken away from his family. He had told his mum that he will endure everything to get back the happy life they used to have while his mum could not understand why he could live with that crazy woman when he had been so terrified of her.

      So my guess is this is the part of JH that viewers did not see and which should be revealed in the final few ep. As I had mentioned, something major must have happened in the past. I fear for JH in the final 2 ep as EH might really try to take him with her, if she can’t have him … just as in that previous car accident when she was prepared to die with him.

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