‘Perfect Wife’ – Jung Hee’s Past

With 2 more episodes to go, I hope we can find the missing piece in Jung Hee’s past. Moon Eun Kyung was his nightmare and whatever she had done had been so traumatic for him. What was so terrible to have caused his mental breakdown and memory loss?
As I look back on the previous episodes, certain scenes make me wonder what was really in Jung Hee’s mind when he regained his memory of her. He wills himself to overcome his fear even as the thought of her fills him with loathing. He tells himself he is no longer who he used to be and now he has something he must achieve. Is it solely the thought of success that drives him or something else he is looking for?

I must overcome it. I can’t stop here.

I will go up, I will climb up as much as I can. I am no longer the man I used to be.

That horrible woman is back. How can he live with her when he feared her so much then?

I’m going to endure it and hang in there. I’ll marry her and establish a position for myself. We used to live so well, we were so happy. I’m going to find wealth and honor again. Just trust me and wait a year.

These are Ms Lee Eun Hee’s assets.

Does this represent something we can expect when the storm is over?
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