‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 19 Teaser

OMG …. Jung Hee and Eun Hee together again?
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2 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 19 Teaser

  1. shandy says:

    My heart’s once been sunk deeply to the ravine,
    thinking the same like dear Julee ~ thanks the writer
    for making a twist of rite path for JH but at the same time
    I’m too worried the relentless fate that the writer has
    decided for JH…….Oh please I’m too scared to think
    about that……we’d been tormented mentally rite from
    the starting episode till episode 19 now, JH been
    tortured by that mentally ill, horrible, over obsessive
    lady, I hadn’t once spotted him smiling happily, juz
    as the same I couldn’t afford to laugh out loud too….
    I juz wonder if the writer could have depicted a
    happy ending for JH ~ as I’m soooooo much anticipating
    to see him reunite with JB and the children, enjoying
    and smiling as bright as the sunshine while ridding on
    their ever merrily happy time at the children

    • juleecwk says:

      I thought JH might die with EH, actually he was prepared to die. I guess the best solution is to have EH die so as to stop the madness from continuing. Sad that JH and JB did not reconcile but it’s good that they remain as good friends and are able to lead a happy life.

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