‘Perfect Wife’ Final Episode 20 (2017-05-02)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1   @3.9%            Episode 11 @5.3%
Episode 2   @4.9%            Episode 12 @5.6%
Episode 3   @5.1%            Episode 13 @4.8%
Episode 4   @4.9%            Episode 14 @5.4%
Episode 5   @3.5%            Episode 15 @5.0%
Episode 6   @4.7%            Episode 16 @5.7%
Episode 7   @3.5%            Episode 17 @4.8%
Episode 8   @4.4%            Episode 18 @4.9%
Episode 9   @6.4%            Episode 19 @4.9%
Episode 10 @6.1%            Episode 20 @6.1%
Jung Hee seems resigned to his ill-fated destiny with Eun Hee, believing that his death is the only alternative to stop the cycle of madness. If it means having to pay the ultimate price in order to keep his family safe, then so be it. This episode is totally making my heart bleed.
The children miss their father and turns up at the office to see him. Eun Hee’s appearance at that moment puts Jung Hee in a dilemma. Even though he misses his kids terribly, he knows they would be at risk if Eun Hee were to see them as a threat to her.  He admonishes them for coming here and quickly bundles them out.  
Jung Hee feels bad for being harsh with the children but could only explain his reprimand as not wanting them to turn up at his work place. He wants them to know how much he loves them.

Jae Bok is aware that Jung Hee’s intention is to protect the family but does not want him to continue putting himself at risk to Eun Hee’s madness. She believes the evidence related to Na Mi’s murder is still in Eun Hee’s possession and hopes that he will be able to find it in her house.
From his mum’s remark about the messy condition of Eun Hee’s fridge which is unusual for her neat-freak personality, Jung Hee gets a hunch to check it out. Sure enough, he finds Na Mi’s missing phone and the pair of shoes Eun Hee had worn on the night Na Mi died.

Eun Hee had proposed that they conduct a private wedding ceremony at home, with just the 2 of them. Though Jung Hee seems resigned to going through with it, he is aware that their wedding day is his death sentence.
Jung Hee is assured of Bong Gu’s sincerity towards Jae Bok and that he would also be a good father to his children. Perhaps this assurance helps to strengthen his resolve to accept his fate.
Knowing that time is running out for him, Jung Hee decides to spend some time with Jin Wok and Hye Wok for what he believes would be their last time together.

A tender gaze that says so much.

Bong Gu is aware of Jae Bok’s inner turmoil but he is hopeful that she will give their relationship a chance. He finally gets his wish.

Jae Bok realizes that the package left outside their office is the evidence they were looking for and Jung Hee must have sent it to them.

Jung Hee is getting ready for his date with death. He calls Jae Bok to apologize once again for everything he has done and to confess how much he has always loved her. Knowing that Bong Gu is there for her now, he hopes she will be happy. 

His parting words sound so ominous that Jae Bok senses that something is amiss. She urgently tells Bong Gu to meet her at Eun Hee’s house. 
Eun Hee is aware of Jung Hee’s real intention as she had read the diary in his office. She knows too that he does not love her but insists that they go through with their private wedding ceremony. Since she will never set him free, marrying him will ensure that he is forever hers, even in death.

Though expecting the wine to be poisoned, Jung Hee does not hesitate to drink it. He is certain that she will follow him and it is the only way to stop her madness.

Jung Hee wakes up in the secret room at the basement and finds himself tied to a chair. He is horrified to see Jae Bok there, similarly trussed up. While Bong Gu has been knocked unconcious by Eun Hee’s henchman and tied up somewhere in the house, she has Jae Bok here to torment him.

As Eun Hee takes the wedding vow for both herself and Jung Hee, he spits out how much he loathes and despises her.
Jung Hee looks on helplessly as Eun Hee tries to force Jae Bok to drink what is probably poisoned wine.
He screams for her to stop it but his concern for Jae Bok only serves to infuriate her. Thankfully Jae Bok manages to push her away.

Even if Jae Bok is not there, it is Eun Hee’s intention to die with Jung Hee. To their horror, she sets the surrounding items on fire so that they can all perish together.
Jung Hee is losing consciousness due to the heavy smoke. As Eun Hee approaches with the candelabra, Jae Bok kicks out causing Eun Hee to fall and gets knock out from hitting her head against the wall. Jae Bok frees herself and frantically tries to untie Jung Hee.
Fortunately Bong Gu has freed himself and rushes down to the basement to help bring out an unconscious Jung Hee. Not wanting to leave Eun Hee behind, Jae Bok tries to rouse her and realized too late that Eun Hee has no intention of letting her leave. 

The flames are getting more intense and seeing that the ceiling beam is in danger of collapse, Bong Gu pulls Jae Bok away in the nick of time. They had to run out as the fire is beyond control.

Eun Hee makes no attempt to escape as it’s probably her death wish anyway.

The whole house is engulfed in flames but thankfully they are safe.
I wonder if the filming crew really built a set for this scene or is it digitally enhanced.
If it’s a prop, it’s probably a fake facade but the heat must have been intense. 
Fast forward to a year later, Jae Bok seems to be doing well as she celebrates the purchase of a new house. 

Jung Hee too has settled down well, doing what he loves.  

Now that their nightmare is finally over, they can look forward to a future without fear.
The end.
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