‘Perfect Wife’ – My Thoughts

I had mixed feelings as I followed this drama over the past 10 weeks …. with unease mixed with hope, but mostly with disappointment. Though the acting from all the actors were great, I could not enjoy the drama because there was too much negativity on a single lead character. If Jung Hee had been played by another actor, I would not have continued watching beyond the initial episodes. 
I thought the title is misleading as there is no perfect character, let alone a perfect wife. I would think the title ‘Perfect Psycho’ would be more apt. Jo Yeo Jeong is good in playing a convincing psychotic stalker though Eun Hee’s obsession had become tiresome over 20 episodes. It might have been better to keep this drama to the usual 16 episodes. The character central to this drama should be Jae Bok but it seems to me that Eun Hee has become the core character as she is the cause of everything that the others respond to. If I were to rate the 4 main characters in order of significance, it would be Eun Hee, Jung Hee, Jae Bok and Bong Gu. 
Over the course of this drama, Jung Hee had undergone various changes but there is hardly any positive attributes to his character …. he is timid, indecisive, lacks respect, cheats on his wife, greedy for success, easily manipulated and finally resigned to his fate. Not only was he traumatized in the past but he continues to be tormented in the present. His wife has no regard for him and does not display any warmth towards him which makes me wonder why she had married him in the first place. He is just leading a miserable life.
Jae Bok is strong and self-reliant. She is constantly angry with Jung Hee and feels that he can’t do anything right. The few times she had shown her concern for him was always for the children’s sake. The impression I get is that she does not want anything to happen to him because he is their father and not because she loves him. They would probably be better off as friends than husband and wife. Though I had hope that they will reconcile in the end, I do think they would be happier going their separate ways.
I love the other characters who brings much needed humour to an otherwise dark drama ….. Jae Bok’s best pals Hye Ran and Won Jae, Sam Kyu and the kids, especially Hye Wok. To all the casts, well done.
Though I am disappointed in Sang Hyun’s character in this drama, I love his acting. As his character changes, so did my emotions. Jung Hee might make me angry and disappointed but his sadness cuts deep especially in the final 2 episodes.
To script writer Yoon, I do not like your biased characterization. Eun Hee’s obsession went on much too long for 20 episodes, so much so that it was becoming irritating. Jung Hee might have his flaws but don’t persecute his character to such an extent. The ‘happy’ ending for him came too late and too little, only in the last few minutes as if it’s merely a consolation. There is no perfect character contrary to what the title suggests. Is this drama about Jae Bok or Eun Hee?
Dear Sang Hyun, I hope to see you in a more engaging drama soon. Even in a role as a villain, I hope to see a much stronger character. 
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