Sang Hyun @ May King Concert (2017-05-12)

Thanks to those who shared and uploaded these photos of Sang Hyun at the May King concert.
Report of the event (in Japanese) @
and @
Photography is usually not allowed but there were occasional exceptions such as during this concert.
That’s great as those who were unable to participate can at least get to share these moments.
Songs list from Chocolatier’s blog at the above link:
1)  Last Rain
2) Oath
3) Love Song, Singing To Reach You
4) The More I Love You (사랑할수록, Boohwal 1993)
5) You Who Can’t Be Mine (가질 수 없는 너, Bank 1995)
6) Sarang Haet Suht Suh (사랑 했었어, OST from drama Princess Lulu 2005)
7) Bogoshipda (보고싶다)
8) Summer Eyes
9) Constellation of Tears (눈물자리, OST from drama Secret Garden)
10) Liar (OST from drama Secret Garden)
11)  Seasons In The Sun (Japanese song)
12) Summer Story of 2 People
13) This Is The Moment (지금 이 순간, Jekyll & Hyde)
Unable to post here the brief clip of Sang Hyun speaking to his fans at the concert.
Watch @
Clip of Sang Hyun during the fan’s photo session
Clip of Sang Hyun leaving the venue after the concert
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