Sang Hyun On SBS ‘미운 우리 새끼’ (Cut)

Hope the episode will be uploaded on YouTube soon but meanwhile a brief cut is available at the following link
From the dialogue:
Sang Hyun says he gained weight while looking after the kids at home but reduced it by 3 kg when he knew he would be appearing on this program. When Lee Sang Min’s mum wanted to know who his kids take after, he said that his elder daughter resembles him while the younger one resembles his wife.

Shin Dong Yeob was curious about Sang Hyun’s feelings the first time he met Maybee. Sang Hyun said that he did not have any special thoughts at that time. They had met at a bar but he was probably drunk as he could not remember the place when he woke up the next morning. It was only when they next met for a meal that he felt her charms and after they had met for dinner a second time, he invited her home. While he watched her preparing something for him, the thought of marriage popped up. They had only been seeing each other for 2 months but he was certain that he wanted to marry her. His dream is to have a good family, be a good husband and live happily. Park Su Hong’s mum commented that if she had a daughter, she would like to have such a son-in-law.

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4 Responses to Sang Hyun On SBS ‘미운 우리 새끼’ (Cut)

  1. shandy says:

    I burst out into laughter during this late nite period…… ^_^
    Yoon is a husband too good to miss…….
    I had been thinking the Korean lady viewers might be heartbreaking
    to see a total 100% good man like Yoon acting as an unfaithful hubby
    in the drama of ” The Perfect Wife”, that contributes a very high
    probability of low rating of viewership……
    If he couldn’t be bad, then act the good one, the better and the best !

  2. Henrietta says:

    Hi, Julee. The mothers appreciated SH’s good management. They talked happily to him and seemed to like him more. It is a good show, not only SH, the mothers and four sons have given us lots of fun. We could also re-watch the show at LoveTv show, link:

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