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From Instagram (2017-10-26)


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From Instagram (2017-10-24) 설악산 단풍구경..아름다운 우리강산 ㅎ Mt Seorak autumn leaves viewing …. our beautiful landscape

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From Instagram (2017-10-20) 마트구경가자.ㅎㅎ Let’s visit the mart I’m pleasantly surprised that Sang Hyun has finally shared a photo showing his daughter’s face. The little cutie is now 5 months old. Hope he will share more of such photos of both girls. 

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Happy Chuseok & Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

Chuseok falls on 4th October (similar to the mid-Autumn festival) but combined with 2 other public holidays, it will be an especially long holiday period this year. Starting from 30th September until 9th October, it would come up to a … Continue reading

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