In Gyeongju
경주 이요당에서 바라본하늘..맑고 청명하다..ㅎ
At Iyodang Gyeongju, looking at the sky …. clear and serene
(Iyodang is a 300 year old pavillion, built atop stone pillars
in the middle of Seochulji pond)
남산동 동서3층석탑 보물124호 아름답다 우리문화..ㅎ
Our beautiful culture, treasure no 124 – Namsan-dong East-West 3 storey stone pagoda
경북산림환경연구원 메타세콰이어길 ..드라마 끝나고 또 올께요..경주!
Gyeongbuk Forest Envinronment Research Institute, Metasequoia Road …..
I’ll be back after the drama … Gyeongju!
Gyeongju city located on the southeast coast of South Korea used to be the capital of the Shilla dynasty. Many of its archaeological sites has been designated as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. 
I had visited Gyeongju in 2010 when Sang Hyun was performing at the Hallyu Dream Concert held there. Unfortunately I did not get to explore the place fully as we had to rush back to Seoul for his birthday event after that. But we had fun riding around the downtown area on rented bicycles and managed to visit a few sites ….. Cheomseongdae Observatory and Anapji Pond. I remember passing by a park which had some royal tombs. 
I would certainly like to revisit Gyeongju some day and spend more time exploring the many historical treasure sites. It should be much faster to get there now since there is the KTX (around 2 hours from Seoul – SinGyeonju Station). During my trip back then, it took us 4 hours on the intra-city bus from Seoul.
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