Sang Hyun’s Birthday Party 2018
여러분 도착했어요..반갑습니다..ㅎ
I’ve arrived, everyone ….. nice to meet you
Above update from Sang Hyun yesterday afternoon after his arrival in Tokyo for his birthday party event. Good to know that he arrived safely despite typhoon Trami sweeping over Japan. Hope he’ll be able to return to Korea safely. 
List of songs he sang at the event, from Chocolatier’s instagram update  For more updates at her blog @
1) Love song, singing to reach you
2) Oath
3) Constellation of Tears
4) Sarang Haes-seo-seo
5) Last Rain
6) Summer story of 2 people
7) Precious
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3 Responses to Sang Hyun’s Birthday Party 2018

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s great that he could arrive at Japan safely. Typhoons are so dangerous, hopefully, all the fans could participate! I hope he and fans also enjoyed the evening they have spent together! I miss Sang Hyeon’s singing voice, and then I am listening his singing from videos. His voice is wonderful and the fans could be really happy to hear him personally. I wish him a safe flight back to his lovely famiky, who can also sing very well!

    • juleecwk says:

      I miss listening to him sing live too, it’s been awhile. My wish for him to have new songs but it’s tough for MB, having to take care of 2 kids and with the 3rd on the way. I hope he’s back home safely. I read some news about the strong winds in Japan which resulted in the suspension of train and flight services. Hopefully it’s not so bad in Tokyo.
      Someone updated about the end of filming of the movie ‘Girl Cops’, wonder when the movie will be out. But the most anticipated event for me is the birth of his 3rd child in December. Hope it’s a boy this time 🙂

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I do hope that the 3rd one will be a boy! 😀 Then Sang-Hyeon would jump to the sky from the happiness! 😀 Although, her daughters are so cute and sweet and they feel very well together with the only one boy, Rooney! 😀
        I hope we could watch the Girl Cops as he has already been cop, now his wife is a cop! 😀 By the way, when he was cop that was a good role for him!

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