‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 105 (2019-07-29)

The Yoon family’s vegetable garden now filled with a variety of fresh greens.
What a contrast from the bare plot 2 months ago.  

Maybee is dismayed to see Sang Hyun returning with a camper van which she’s not in favour of them purchasing. Did he really go ahead and buy it?

Maybee might be impressed with the well furnished interior equipped with various amenities but is adamant that they are not getting the camper van. 

She is relieved to know that Sang Hyun is merely doing a test drive of the camper van.
He suggests that they might as well go on a camping trip.

The van is equipped with an extendable awning to provide much needed shade on a hot day like this.
It would be much better to go camping during the cooler seasons. 

It has been a long time since Maybee had tried fishing so she did not manage to cast the line well.
Instead of a distant throw, the lure slams into the water.  

It’s Sang Hyun’s turn next but his throw did not go far either.

While mum and dad is busy fishing, the girls are enjoying a messy sand bath.

Maybee’s close friend Jin Young and Sang Hyun’s previous co-star Yoo In Young joins them on their camping trip. 

In Young had acted as Sang Hyun’s ex-girlfriend in the 2018 drama ‘Hand in Hand, Let’s Watch The Sunset’. In one of the scenes, she had to slap him hard but unfortunately it had to be repeated. The first slap hurt so much that he had involuntarily flinched during the second take. 

Sang Hyun grumbles that In Young had continued with the first slap despite the PD’s call for a cut.

Sang Hyun makes a last attempt to change Maybee’s mind regarding the camper van but it’s still a negative.

Hye Jin relates an emotional scene from the above mentioned drama which Sang Hyun had associated with Maybee. She had wondered why he was crying more than was required in the script when she remembered that the sight of Maybee’s back view while cooking in the kitchen had prompted Sang Hyun to propose to her. So he was in fact reminded of Maybee in that scene.

Scene from episode 14 of the drama where
Do Young gazes tearfully at ex-wife Hyun Joo as she makes him a cup of tea in the kitchen.

To test if Sang Hyun is similarly affected by the back view of other woman, MC Kim Sook turns her back to him. Apparently not.

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