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ユン・サンヒョン Blog (2nd May 2013)

http://ameblo.jp/ysh0921/entry-11522340862.html In drama preparation 2013-05-02   08:24:15 Hello, everyone. Have you settled down from the excitement of the concert? As for me, being once again on stage Will remain unforgettable in my mind. I would like to see all your smiling … Continue reading

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ユン・サンヒョン Blog (7th April 2013)

http://ameblo.jp/ysh0921/entry-11505502554.html Today 2013-04-07   10:36:33 I’m going to visit a friend, which also serves as a practice. Somehow everyday, my heart beats fast  ^ ^ Is your ticket preparation ok? My preparation is ok! http://ameblo.jp/ysh0921/entry-11505940630.html Video message about his Spring concert

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